Android Auto and Google Assistant to get innovative update and features

Drivers who use Android Auto rejoice. Google has just announced it will roll out an update for the app and it will have a new split-screen display that will be standard for all Android Auto users.

With it, users will be able to easily access media, navigation, and messages – all on one screen. The main highlight of the new update is the home screen. It will come with three tiles; one for navigation, one for media, and another for communication/messages. The layout is actually quite similar to what Apple CarPlay has since the iOS 15 update.

The new home screen will allow drivers/users to easily check what tunes their playing, where they are on the map, as well as see if someone has sent an email or text message without having to go through different menus. One criticism the current Android Auto home menu receives is that users have to go through different menus just to use and see a specific app.

At the same time, the Android Auto screen sometimes won't completely fill up the screens of vehicles that come with ultra-wide infotainment touchscreens. But thanks to the upcoming update, that will not be the case anymore.

Google Assistant has also been updated and brings with it text suggestions to help you send messages easily. These include sending quick replies, sharing estimated time of arrival to friends, as well as playing recommended music, Google Assistant is set to be more intuitive for users.

The new split-screen update will be arriving in the coming months and can be used in either horizontal- or vertical-oriented touchscreens.