ArmorThane Philippines opens first shop in Pasay

In the automotive industry, vehicles that are subjected to abuse e.g.: off-roading, logistics business, construction, military, etc., often require an extra layer of protection to extend the vehicle’s lifespan.

Aside from taking care of the engine, protective coatings are now available to protect the vehicle’s bodywork from the effects of extreme usage.

ArmorThane protective coating now in the PH image

ArmorThane – a brand of spray-on polyurea protective coating from the US – is now in the Philippines and is ready to showcase its usage in auto, industrial, household, and marine applications.

ArmorThane protective coating now in the PH image

(L-R:) Zach Lucero, Jondi Lacson, and Ryan Lucero of ArmorThane Philippines

Zach Lucero, who is best known for his stint as the lead guitarist of Imago and also his channel Makina, introduced ArmorThane to guests and the media at a simple ceremony at their Pasay City facility where they will also conduct automotive spraying.

According to ArmorThane Philippines, Polyurea is a lining, coating, and joint sealant technology all in one. It is produced by combining isocyanate with amine resin in a chemical process. Additionally, ArmorThane’s specially blended material can endure over 30 years with the right conditions and upkeep before it needs retouching, repairs, or replacement.

ArmorThane protective coating now in the PH image

Jaevee Calvario, ArmorThane Philippines' General Manager

We asked Jaevee Calvario, ArmorThane Philippines’ general manager if the product is similar to Line-X, to which she replied “yes” in many ways but ArmorThane’s patented blend and faster preparation time make their product better than the competition.

Also, ArmorThane is more affordable than the competition and is sprayed using more modern equipment, therefore, allowing it to be fully cured (after application) in as little as 48 hours.

ArmorThane protective coating now in the PH image

ArmorThane Philippines is located along Aurora BLVD (Tramo), Pasay City, just a few minutes drive from NAIAX and NAIA Terminal 3. For more information, contact ArmorThane Philippines at 09064013400.