Q6 e-tron spearheads Audi’s next batch of EVs

Perhaps you have heard that Audi has electrified its largest Q6 SUV. It is currently in the final stage of testing, and what you are looking at is the production-oriented prototype of the upcoming Q6 e-tron.

This upcoming model will lead the way for more than ten electric and electrified Audis coming to the market by 2025. It will be the first to use the brand’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) technology platform and is the first Audi to have an 800-volt electrical system, following in the footsteps of its Taycan stablemate.

Audi on ice: Q6 e-tron in final testing stage image

Why is Audi touting this high-voltage electrical system? 1) It charges faster than models with a 400-volt system. 2) It uses smaller batteries, which significantly reduces the vehicle’s curb weight. 3) There are fewer precious metals required which reduces production costs.

Batteries for the upcoming EV SUV will come from Audi’s in-house assembly facility. It will have a new charging management system, which marks the automaker’s next step in the electrification and digitalization of its vehicles.

Audi on ice: Q6 e-tron in final testing stage image

Audi will offer the Q6 e-tron in SUV and Sportback body styles. It will slot above their flagship electric SUV, the Q8 e-tron, which was launched late last year.

Audi on ice: Q6 e-tron in final testing stage image

No details about its powertrain, range, or cabin features have been released just yet but expect it to have three-row seating and amenities befitting its moniker as Audi’s ‘land jet.’