2025 might be the end of the line for the MB A & B Class

We may be saying 'auf wiedersehen' or goodbye to some models from Mercedes Benz. According to a report by German publication Handelsblatt, the German car company may ax both the A-Class and B-Class by 2025. 

The Benz A & B-Class may say Auf Wiedersehen soon image

A couple of years earlier, Mercedes-Benz expanded its product line to grab more market share. They introduced new-generation models of their entry-level luxury models with the A- and B-Class models. This move made the brand more affordable and allowed a bigger part of the auto-buying public (particularly younger buyers) to flex a vehicle from the brand with the 3-pointed star.

Lately, however, the company is reportedly moving from having 7 body styles to just 4 as they near 2025. With that, executives are apparently planning to put a stop to the production of the A-Class and B-Class models.

The Benz A & B-Class may say Auf Wiedersehen soon image

As the brand moves to a new MMA architecture, Mercedez-Benz greenlit a sleeker 4-door coupe and 5-door model with the CLA line. Other vehicles that we may see more of are the GLA and GLB SUVs. The platform will provide more tech to the various segments and may even feature the new MB.OS infotainment system by 2024.

The Benz A & B-Class may say Auf Wiedersehen soon image

With this report out and the Germans moving to a new platform, the news of the company focusing on hybrid and fully electric systems is becoming more apparent. The current A-Class is on its fourth generation and is actually one of the company’s best-selling vehicles to date. So why ax it in the first place?

Well, the brand has plans to further reduce its carbon footprint like all other car manufacturers by 2030. The petrol doomsday clock has taken a lot of casualties lately and will take some more as the months and years go by.