TRD and Modellista dress up the next-generation Toyota Prius

It was only a couple of days ago when Toyota officially unveiled the all-new Prius. Now on its fifth generation, the world's most popular hybrid vehicle gets a sleeker and sportier look, a more high-tech and refined cabin, and a more powerful and efficient hybrid-electric drive system.

But given the Prius' more aerodynamic look, the all-new hybrid vehicle is a prime candidate for exterior upgrades. Fortunately, it seems TRD and Modellista were thinking of the same thing after the two released dressed-up versions of the next-generation Prius.

Beginning with TRD, they released a single photo of the hybrid wearing Gazoo Racing Parts (GR Parts). While they didn't exactly go into specifics, it's clear the vehicles come with a blacked-out bumper, a new front splitter on the center intake, and a lip spoiler on the base of the rear windshield. There also appears to be a new set of alloy wheels and additional black accents on the rear of the vehicle.

Check out all-new Toyota Prius with GR Parts, Modellista kits image

Over to Modellista, the tuning house gave not one but two distinct styling kits for the all-new Prius. The first of which is “Elegant Ice” which comes with a plethora of chrome accents throughout the body. Even the wheels are finished in chrome which further gives the vehicle a shinier appearance than your typical Prius. The vehicle has also been fitted with a new body kit and faux exhaust finishers that give the already sleek hybrid an even more dynamic appearance.

The other styling package is called “Neo Advance” and this adopts a slightly flashier appearance. Perhaps serving as the most eye-catching feature is the sportier bumper extension that comes with integrated LEDs and blue accents on the central air intake. Last but not least, the vehicle gets its own pair of side skirts that give the vehicle a more distinct appearance.

Check out all-new Toyota Prius with GR Parts, Modellista kits image

It goes without saying that the all-new Toyota Prius now sports a much better look than its predecessor. It's no wonder TRD and Modellista immediately released images of a dressed-up version of the next-generation hybrid. This also proved that just because it's a hybrid doesn't mean it has to be boring.

Should Toyota Philippines launch the next-generation Prius here, would you dress it up the way TRD and Modellista did it? Let us know in the comments.