UAAGI will be Exeed distributor in PH

Earlier today, there was an interesting crossover spotted cruising along Quezon City.

We were easily able to identify the vehicle as the Exeed Yaoguang; a mid-size crossover from Chery's premium brand. If Toyota has Lexus, then Chery has Exeed. 

That spotting is a clear indication that another Chery brand is entering the Philippine market, so naturally, we were curious if it will be sold by a new distributor or an existing one. Well, the information does come quickly these days and we were able to have the answers from a very trusted insider.

Chery Auto PH to bring in Exeed image

The Exeed crossover was being transported on a flatbed truck that bears the company name: United Asia Automotive Group Inc. (UAAGI). That company is the distributor of Chery and Foton vehicles in the country.

Moreover, we were able to talk to an insider (on the condition of anonymity) who then confirmed that UAAGI will be selling Exeed premium vehicles soon. 

Chery Auto PH to bring in Exeed image

As it stands, the Yaoguang could technically sit above the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro as UAAGI's crossover offering, as it's a bigger vehicle with more premium appointments. Since both models could be targeting different markets, this may avoid any overlap in terms of sales between Chery and the Exeed brand.

Chery Auto PH to bring in Exeed image

It will also be interesting to see if the Yaoguang will have a different name for its local release, as some Chinese manufacturers change the names of their vehicles for global markets.

We were curious if Exeed's brand launch will happen at the Manila International Auto Show in just a few weeks, but the answer is no. Exeed will not (or might not) make an appearance at MIAS.

Stay tuned as we'll try to get more information about this new premium brand from Chery in the coming weeks and days.