Special edition Nissan Z Watch from Citizen now available for pre-purchase

It will be a while before the all-new Nissan Z makes its way to the Philippines. Having just been revealed last August, it’s currently available in select markets such as the US, Japan, and other parts of Asia.

While waiting for the Z to arrive at our shores, you can get a taste of the Fairlady Z via this special edition watch courtesy of Japanese watchmaker Citizen. Described by the manufacturer as having the ‘thrill and exhilaration of one of Japan’s best-known sports cars”, the unique watch carries the signature design theme of the all-new Z.

Citizen selling Nissan Z-themed watch for PHP 128.5K image

The watch will come in two models that feature distinct design elements and finishes. First is the AT8185-89E that gets the Nissan Z’s eye-catching Ikazuchi Yellow body color. It is then contrasted by a black-painted case, band, dial, hands, and indexes. The dial itself features the same yellow dots found on the Nissan Z Proto’s seats.

If you prefer a different colored timepiece, there’s the AT8185-97E model which comes with Seiran Blue color accents. The striking color is complemented by touches of matte black on the center dial. The hands, on the other hand, are painted silver which gives the watch a sleek look.

Citizen selling Nissan Z-themed watch for PHP 128.5K image

Other notable features present on the two watches include a red second hand, a Fairlady Z logo on the dial, the Nissan logo at the back of the watch, and a ‘Z’ mark on the crown itself. Both watches use Citizen’s lightweight Super Titanium case and band that offers improved scratch resistance.

Citizen selling Nissan Z-themed watch for PHP 128.5K image

Looking to get one for yourself? Citizen is already accepting reservations for both watches that retail for USD 2,495 (or around PHP 128,265). You better be quick though as only 1,700 units will be made in total, worldwide. Orders are expected to commence by March 14, 2022.