Industry source says Suzuki PH will bring Jimny 5-Door as early as Q1 2024

We have some good news for those that have been thinking of getting the Jimny 5-door. While India will be the first to get the all-new 5-door, that doesn’t mean other markets will not receive it. And we have just received good information that it’s set to arrive here in the future.

Speaking with an anonymous source within Suzuki Philippines, they shared with us that the Jimny 5-door will indeed be coming to the Philippines. Based on their current estimates, the 5-door could make its way to the country around Q1 of next year.

Confirmed: Suzuki PH will sell both 3 and 5-door Jimny 4x4 image

They did not say exactly why it will take some time for the 5-door to come to the Philippines, but it could be a simple matter of unit allocation. In addition, Suzuki did mention last week when they launched it that the 5-door will go on sale in India come May 2023. Given that it will take a while for Suzuki to sell it in India first, it stands to reason that other markets including the Philippines will also have to wait for a bit longer.

Once it arrives here in the country, however, we can expect the PH-spec Jimny 5-door to come with the same specs and dimensions. It measures 3985mm long, 1645mm wide, and 1720mm tall. The wheelbase, on the other hand, has been stretched to 2590mm which is 340mm longer than the regular 3-door model.

Confirmed: Suzuki PH will sell both 3 and 5-door Jimny 4x4 image

Under the hood is the familiar 1.5-liter K15B four-cylinder engine that can be mated to either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual gearbox. It makes 105 PS along with 138 Nm of torque. Like the 3-door, the new 5-door version is equipped with the 4WD AllGrip Pro with a manual transfer case and low-range gearbox.

With 2024 still a long way away, it will be quite the waiting period for those that truly want a Jimny 5-door but at the same time, gives interested buyers more time to save up for the new model.