Ford's dynamic duo will be all-new this year

Recently we got word that Ford is discontinuing three of their models: the EcoSport, the Transit, and the Expedition. Sad news indeed as both the EcoSport and Expedition do have a following. The Transit, on the other hand, is a victim of lackluster specs and other circumstances beyond their control.

But there are some good news as Ford has just confirmed two new models that will arrive in the country this year: the all-new Ford Ranger pick-up and the all-new Ford Everest SUV.

In an email, Ford stated: Our vehicle lineup in the Philippines remains robust with the launch of the next-generation Ford Ranger and next-generation Ford Everest this year. At Ford, we always look for opportunities to bring the right vehicles at the right time.

Yes, that's correct: Ford will be fielding the new generations of their two most popular models before the year is out. The Ranger was actually expected given that it was revealed almost 6 months ago, but the Everest was the unexpected confirmation, as it was only revealed last month.

The new Ranger will replace the existing T6 that has been in Philippine showrooms since 2011. The new-generation model comes with a long list of improvements starting from the chassis (longer wheelbase, wider track, suspension mounting), the entirely new look (with the C-shaped headlamps), a very functional truck bed (with lots of features normally found on the F-150), and a much smarter and more modern interior.

The story will be very similar for the all-new Everest, as the Ranger does share a lot with its SUV brother. However, there are improvements unique to the Everest such as the attention to improving the ride and the space at the third and second rows. The top variant is expected to be the Platinum; that is a new variant designation for the Everest.

While there are many engine options available internationally, the power unit we expect to be the most popular will be the improved 2.0L turbodiesel which is bolted onto a 10-speed auto. Customers will have the option for rear-wheel drive or 4x4, as per usual, and the can also expect a lot of safety features including advanced driver assistance features.

As to when exactly Ford will launch both models, we won't know until we're probably a month or two away, but we'll definitely be asking our contacts for more information regarding pricing and other matters. It's worthy to note that the 2022 launch date probably means just the actual launch; we're not sure how external factors like the chip shortage will affect the timeline before the units actually get to customers.