Does this retro Nissan Fairlady Z look better than the production model?

The all-new Nissan Z made its global debut in August last year, but the sports car only made its Japan premiere at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. It’s no surprise the JDM Fairlady Z looks exactly like the one launched in the US. However, what did pique our interest was the one-off orange Z that shared the spotlight with the new production model.

It's called the Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Proto. Given the modifications and its orange and black color scheme, it appears to be a tribute to the original Nissan Z432R from the 70s. For those unfamiliar, the Z432R is a Japan-only model based on the S30-generation Fairlady Z. Rather than an L-series engine, it used the engine of Hakosuka Skyline GT-R, which had 6-cylinders, 4-valves per cylinder, 3 carburetors, and 2 camshafts.

Nissan Fairlady Z Customized Proto is even more retro-inspired image

Back to the Fairlady Z Customized Proto, it features several exterior modifications over the standard. The most obvious change is the front bumper, which now adopts a split front grille design. With that, it looks more like the first-generation Fairlady Z. Nissan also fitted body-color overfenders, a rear spoiler, and a new split exhaust. Rounding up the exterior changes are the black retro 8-spoke wheels hiding the orange brake calipers.

Nissan didn’t say if there were any changes under the hood or inside the cabin like the original Z432R.

There’s no doubt the new Z already looks good as it is with its retro looks. But some might find the bumper of the new Fairlady Z Customized Proto even better than the one in the production model.

We like the new retro bumper on this orange Z more, but what do you think? Should this be the way the new Z looked in the first place? Whatever the case, we hope Nissan offers the Fairlady Z Customized Proto’s bumper as an optional piece in the future.