Five-lane road replaces aging Magsaysay Flyover to give way to NLEX Connector

Back in October, the NLEX Corporation announced the Magsaysay Flyover (also called the Magsaysay Bridge) along Magsaysay Boulevard will be decommissioned to give way to the NLEX Connector Sta. Mesa segment.

Fast forward to November, and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has started decommissioning works on the said flyover. According to the agency, the flyover itself is already 40 years old and may no longer be strong enough to support the increasing volume of cars that cross it daily.

But just because it will be decommissioned doesn't mean it will not be replaced. A new and wider road will take its place and will have five lanes per direction. Each lane will be 3.5-meters wide which follows the DPWH standard. Currently, the boulevard comes with six lanes per direction but has narrow lanes that only measure 2.5-meters wide.

Decommissioning of Magsaysay Flyover has begun image

During the decommissioning of the said flyover, a minimum of three lanes per direction will remain open during the daytime, while two lanes per direction will be available at nighttime. Decommissioning of the flyover is set to be completed by December 2022, just before the holidays.

For motorists who frequently travel along Magsaysay Boulevard, don't be surprised to see parts of the Magsaysay Flyover being taken down.