Change of leadership at Bridgestone PH distributor?

If there’s a tire brand that we can easily recommend to any Filipino motorist it’s Bridgestone. Be it for a truck, a motorcycle, sport bike, passenger cars, sports cars and supercars, Bridgestone is one of the few names we would trust.

But in the last few years, Bridgestone has had to face a lot of challenges from their competitors as well as the influx of many lower priced brands from China. There have also been indicators of an internal struggle in Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation; the family-owned company that runs the Bridgestone business in the Philippines.

Now it seems that all will be settled soon because we have received a copy of a "trade letter" from industry players that may signify a change in leadership in the company, but not in the way we were expecting.

It appears that Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation (PAEC) has re-appointed  Teodoro Tagle as their CEO and President, adding to his duty as Chairman of the Board. Teodoro Tagle’s grandson and previous chief executive, Marc Tagle, has elected to retire and manage other businesses in the organization

We cannot say for certain if that is the case because while the letter addressed to “All Business Partners and Customers” seems legitimate, it is unsigned.

If true, then the reemergence of the senior Tagle is a sign that they are working towards stability for the business and work out their direction moving forward. The 92 (or 93) year old Teodoro Y. Tagle is currently the senior member of the Tagle family that started PAEC in 1953 under Cecilio Y. Tagle. 

The letter continued to reassure their business partners (dealers and customers) that it is business as usual for the company sales and marketing representatives, and that the support will not waver for those efforts.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any future developments on this matter regarding one of the country’s biggest tire businesses.