Fuel prices to roll back for second week in a row

As expected from last week's forecast, another round of price rollback in fuel products will be imposed tomorrow, September 13.

While it's not much, motorists using diesel will get the most benefit from this week's price movements. Diesel prices will be slashed by PHP 1.45 per liter, while kerosene and gasoline are getting rollbacks of PHP 1.70 and PHP 0.45 per liter, respectively.

Diesel down PHP 1.45, gas drops PHP 0.45 per liter September 13 image

Shell and Petro Gazz are making their adjustments by 6:00 AM tomorrow, while other oil companies are expected to follow the same amount of price cuts on their fuel products once they make their advisories later in the day.

As of today, the Department of Energy's (DOE) data shows since the start of the year, gasoline, kerosene, and diesel prices have soared by PHP 19.55, PHP 37.80, and PHP 33.20 per liter, respectively.

While there's still a long way to go for prices to scale back to pre-2022 levels, the successive rollbacks from previous weeks have definitely helped motorists get over the past price hikes when fuel got up to almost PHP 100 per liter. Hopefully, there would be more rollbacks to come before the year ends.