Mixed price movement for oil this week

Still undecided whether to fill up your tanks or not this week? Well, this will make your decision easier.

For the first time since the end of May, motorists will be welcomed with mixed fuel price adjustments tomorrow, August 2.

Diesel to roll back, but gas gets price hike for August 2 image

Motorists using diesel will be able to save a few bucks at the pumps, but drivers of gasoline-engined cars might want to fill up before this day ends. Diesel and kerosene will roll back by PHP 0.60 and PHP 0.75 per liter respectively, while gasoline will be up by PHP 0.75 per liter.

Oil players such as Pilipinas Shell and Petro Gazz are making their price adjustments effective by 6:00 AM tomorrow. At the same time, CleanFuel has already released an advisory saying they will adjust their prices by 8:01 AM. Other oil companies are expected to follow the same price movements, so expect them to make their advisories later today.

Diesel to roll back, but gas gets price hike for August 2 image

While it's good news for diesel users, we're hoping the price hike for gasoline is only a blip in the continued drop of fuel prices in the past few weeks. Let's keep our fingers crossed oil prices will still come down to the 60-peso range soon.