Drive, see the country, and experience new DOT tourism campaign

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has a new slogan. After almost a year since the start of the Marcos administration, it has come up with something shorter, sweeter, straighter to the point, and succinctly showcases the Filipino brand. Are you ready for it? The new slogan is “Love the Philippines.”

“The campaign Love the Philippines is not a mere branding campaign, but rather a call to action to every Filipino citizen to remember the beauty of our country, to honor our past, and to look forward to the future armed with the virtues, (and) values of being a Filipino. Love the Philippines is a recognition of our natural assets, our long and storied history, our rich culture and diversity,” said Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco.

‘Love’ was chosen as the operative word in the slogan because it has been mentioned more frequently by travelers who have visited the Philippines across various platforms and one that truly embodies the Pinoy DNA.

“Coming from a culture shift, naturally, changes in the consumers follow. Who are they? We call them the ‘changed traveler’ for the very reason that traveling has come to mean more than just leisure,” said Marie Adriano, marketing firm DDB Group Philippines’ brand and strategic planner.

Drive, see the country, and experience new DOT tourism slogan image

The DOT aims to show travelers that more than leisure and a good time, they can expect meaningful experiences when they come to the Philippines by immersing themselves in our culture and diversity.

“What they're seeking today and what interest them to travel, we have it. The wonderful thing is we actually have it and more, it's just that they don't know yet,” added Adriano.

The new slogan replaces the 11-year-old ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ slogan, but it retains the custom-made Barbara font that resembles the iconic signage used on jeepneys and sari-sari stores.

So whether you are driving in your sportscar or SUV, think of the places that make you love the Philippines and Waze yourself a good time and meaningful experience.