After adding PHP 13.15 for diesel, EcoOil cuts PHP 6.65 from price hike

In case you missed out on filling up before the major oil price increase went into effect yesterday, one oil company made your next top-up a little less painful on your wallets.

Together with other oil players, EcoOil imposed an increase of PHP 13.15 per liter on diesel and PHP 7.10 per liter for gasoline yesterday. Usually, fuel price adjustments are done on a weekly basis. However, after visiting their official page, they have immediately rolled back their pump prices today, March 16.

EcoOil cuts oil price increase to half image

EcoOil announced they are cutting PHP 6.65 on diesel and PHP 3.60 on gasoline. As of the moment, the price cut does not look like a limited offer just like the previous promos we've reported before, as their official page did not give a set time period on up to when this will last.

While this may sound like good news for our motorists, the net price increase for EcoOil this week still stands at PHP 6.50 and PHP 3.50 per liter for diesel and gasoline, respectively. The only good thing about this is that motorists are now given a choice on where to get cheaper fuel.

With oil prices soaring on a record high, and with no signs of letting up, getting the lowest-priced fuel in your areas might matter more than brand preference, at least for the meantime.