DPWH has closed two lanes of the Timog flyover for repairs

If you're one of the motorists who experienced heavy traffic along EDSA Timog earlier today, this is the reason why.

Just this morning, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) temporarily closed two lanes of the EDSA Timog Flyover Southbound to vehicular traffic. This is to give way to immediate repairs that will last for one week.

According to DPWH inspectors, they have decided to close the two lanes of the flyover to ensure the safety of motorists after they found large potholes and cracks along the road last Thursday night. In order to repair the damages and based on the initial assessment, the DPWH says they will have to replace the flyover's deck slab.

One lane of the flyover remains open but it will only be for public utility buses (PUBs) that ply the EDSA Carousel route.

Due to the temporary closure of the flyover, motorists are advised to use the service road or take Scout Borromeo Street, Eugenio Lopez Drive, and other Mabuhay Lanes as alternative routes. Since this morning, slow-moving traffic has been monitored in the area, especially during rush hour.

With the southbound portion of the flyover closed until next week, EDSA motorists who are heading to Cubao and beyond will have to think of other ways to get to their destination.