Hydrogen power meets high-tech design in GAC ERA concept

GAC Motor is making strides in producing not only high-tech and eco-friendly EVs and hybrids, but they're also looking at introducing hydrogen fuel cell technology to complement their lineup of electrified vehicles.

At the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, the automaker recently revealed the ERA concept, and it's the brand's vision for a full-size high-tech SUV that runs on zero emissions.

The unmistakable look of the GAC ERA concept exudes a sleek and powerful aesthetic which was made possible among the brand's global design teams in Los Angeles and Milan. It has a fastback rear along with an aerodynamic roofline that is then complemented by rear suicide doors – resulting in a pillarless design on the side.

ERA concept by GAC is ready for a hydrogen future image

Towards the front, the concept has a full-width LED bar which incorporates the headlights, sensors, and cameras above a body-colored grille. Size-wise, the GAC ERA measures 5413mm long and has a 3132mm wheelbase (width and height were not mentioned). Going over rough terrain won't be a problem for the GAC ERA concept as it has 244mm of ground clearance.

Hop inside and the GAC ERA wows the occupants with a lounge-like interior. It has rotating seats at the front along with a center console that can double as a coffee table. The rear seats, meanwhile, have foldable extensions that serve as leg rests for enhanced comfort but also double as additional seating.

ERA concept by GAC is ready for a hydrogen future image

The cabin itself is covered in bio-based mycelium leather upholstery and has suede-like surfaces with white wood-like textures. Last but not least, the dashboard itself comes with a large screen that serves as the vehicle's onboard infotainment system.

Underneath its sleek and distinct body is the brand's innovative multi-energy platform architecture that features hydrogen cells and 200kW distributed motors on the axle. The result is an impressive 548 PS and a zero-emissions range of around 800 km on a full tank of hydrogen.

ERA concept by GAC is ready for a hydrogen future image

There's no word yet from GAC if the ERA concept may become a production vehicle in the future. However, we won't be surprised if the concept's fuel cell powertrain, high-tech & eco-friendly cabin, and styling cues could be incorporated into future models.