Simple and lightweight meets full EV powertrain

The Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS) is a celebration of all that is great with the history of cars and motorsports. A unique event that acts as a rolling showcase for racecars past, present, and future, the Goodwood FOS makes for a perfect stage for manufacturers to debut something race-oriented.

With a very rich history behind motor racing since the days of Colin Chapman, Lotus is certainly no stranger to the game; And now they continue their racing DNA with something contemporary for current times: a full EV Hypercar.

Evija will be the name of the new Lotus electric hypercar image

Taking Chapman’s famous ethos of ‘simplifying, then adding lightness’ towards a full EV powertrain, the Lotus Evija (pronounced ev-eye-ya) will certainly be of interest considering that it will be the first British-made EV hypercar. The Evija will be the first new model of Lotus under the stewardship of chinese manufacturer Geely, making their hypercar a potential cornerstone for their new arrangement. At the moment, details are pretty scarce for the vehicle although Lotus invites fans to visit their stand on main grid for a ‘light show program’ that teases the body lines of their new vehicle.

Evija will be the name of the new Lotus electric hypercar image

"Evija is the perfect name for our new car because it’s the first hypercar from Lotus, our first electric offering and is the first new model under the stewardship of Geely," Said Phil Popham, Lotus Cars CEO. "The Evija is a Lotus like no other, yet a true Lotus in every sense. It will re-establish our brand on the global automotive stage and pave the way for further visionary models."

Lotus is expected to debut the Evija itself later this month in London, so teasers at the Goodwood FOS should be quite revealing already. They have also confirmed that the Evija will only be built in limited numbers – 130 units to be exact – at their factory in Hethel, Norfolk.