Production version of the Suzuki eVX set to arrive in 2025

Think Suzuki, and more than likely cars like the S-Presso, Swift, Ertiga, Dzire, and Jimny immediately come to mind. With their expertise in making compact cars across different segments, it's no wonder Suzuki is known for making small yet reliable vehicles.

In the future, however, Suzuki will venture into the realm of electric vehicles (EVs). While the brand currently has no production EV on offer, they are looking to make one in the not-so-distant future. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Suzuki eVX, and it recently made its official debut at Auto Expo 2023 in Delhi, India.

eVX concept is Suzuki's vision for an all-electric SUV image

Billed by Suzuki as an all-electric concept SUV, the eVX highlights the brand's first global strategic EV. Measuring 4300mm long, 1800mm wide, and 1600mm tall, the eVX continues to adhere to Suzuki's philosophy of making small vehicles. But when it comes to its electric powertrain, it's anything but small.

While the automaker did not go into detail, Suzuki mentioned it comes with a 60 kWh battery pack. Suzuki claims the eVX is capable of covering 550 km on a single charge based on the Modified Indian Driving Cycle (MIDC). The automaker also shared that the eVX combines the brand's strong 4x4 DNA with advanced EV features to carry forward Suzuki's 4x4 legacy into the electric age. That means we could expect the production version of the eVX to have AWD capability.

eVX concept is Suzuki's vision for an all-electric SUV image

“I am delighted to unveil the eVX, our first global strategic EV. At the Suzuki Group, addressing global warming is a priority. We are promoting a range of global measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Suzuki will continue providing valuable products to our customers around the world by optimizing them for the way different people live and drive,” said Maruti Suzuki Director, Toshihiro Suzuki.

The production version of the eVX is scheduled to be introduced by 2025. With some two years before Suzuki launches it, we will be waiting in earnest as to what the production model will look like.