This is your first look at BMW's latest high-performance wagon

If there’s one type of 3 Series we wish BMW would offer here in the country, it’s the Touring version. Sure, the 3 Series may be more known as a four-door sedan, but if you want something with a bit more boot space without having to get a crossover, the 3 Series Touring is the way to go.

But with crossovers being the preferred choice by most buyers, it’s not surprising the wagon is not offered in the country. But that doesn’t mean BMW is not interested in making a high-performance version of the 3 Series Touring.

Back in August 2020, BMW’s M Division released a teaser of what appears to be a high-performance version wagon. This could mean BMW is finally building an M3 Touring. Fast forward to 2022, and the automaker has revealed the first teaser images of the aptly named M3 Touring.

Currently being tested on a frozen lake in Sweden, the M3 Touring is covered in a unique camo livery. Despite BMW’s best efforts to hide most of its exterior details, it’s clear that this BMW was built and designed by M.

Coming soon: BMW teases all-new M3 Touring image

The M3 Touring gets the now infamous grille at the front that’s currently present in both the M3 and M4 models. It also comes with aggressive LED headlights that appear to have been derived from the aforementioned M models.

We also got a look at the M3 Touring’s rear. It gets the signature L-shaped LED taillights along with the quad exhaust pipes that were first revealed in the teaser they released 2 years ago.

While not immediately noticeable, we also couldn’t help but notice that the M3 Touring could come with a unique set of sport bucket seats. But unlike most BMW M models, the M3 Touring appears to have black and orange-colored front seats. We’re certainly hoping BMW keeps those once they officially reveal the M3 Touring soon.

With 2022 marking the M Division’s 50th anniversary, the soon-to-be-revealed M3 Touring could be their gift not only to themselves, but to loyal M enthusiasts as well. Expect BMW’s new high-performance wagon to make a lot of noise both literally and figuratively once it’s officially unveiled this year.