The heart of this thoroughbred is a V12

Another question has been answered about the much-awaited Ferrari SUV that will be launched this year. As it turns out, the Prancing Horse is not saying arrivederci to the V12 engine just yet.

That is after the Italian manufacturer announced on their website that their “game-changing new model” will be powered by an all-new V12. The announcement came with a quick 14-second video clip showing close-up shots of the engine block and the familiar red Ferrari valve cover.

In case you haven't noticed, Ferrari coined that term when they released a teaser image of the upcoming SUV back in March, showing a glimpse of the upcoming model's front fascia.

Furthermore, the manufacturer used the phrase “Heart of a Thoroughbred” in their latest announcement, drawing an obvious connection to the upcoming SUV named Purosangue, which in Italian, translates to thoroughbred.

Ferrari Purosangue SUV will have V12 power image

This all but confirms the Purosangue SUV will have a V12. However, whether it will have other engine options or not remains to be seen, especially since a hybrid version is yet to be ruled out by Ferrari.

The V12 engine has always been part of Ferrari's heritage as it has powered most of its iconic vehicles and even its race cars. That being said, it's only fitting that their first-ever SUV would pay tribute to their glorious past while paving the way for the future of the Prancing Horse.