Ferrari SF90 Stradale is a 1,000 PS plug-in hybrid stallion

A few years back, the words Ferrari and hybrid used together in one sentence would be something of a sacrilege. Today, however, the times have changed, and even supercar makers such as Ferrari, have already began embracing the electrified future. In fact, the Italian supercar maker has just revealed their first series-production, hybrid supercar called the SF90 Stradale. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it's a nod to Ferrari’s current F1 challenger, the SF90.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale image 

No, this isn’t Ferrari’s first hybrid model as the LaFerrari hypercar was also a hybrid. However, unlike the LaFerrari, the SF90 has a plug-in hybrid powertrain, a first for Ferrari. Powering the new model is a turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 which produces 780 HP and 800 Nm of torque alone, making it the most powerful V8 Ferrari ever built from engine power alone. Ferrari then added three lithium-ion battery packs which power three electric motors located at the front and rear. The three electric motors produce an additional 220 HP, resulting in a combined system output of 1,000 HP.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale image

All that power is then sent to an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that sends power to all four wheels. Yes, this is also the first Ferrari mid-engine supercar (excluding the GTC4 Lusso) to feature all-wheel drive. Despite the heavy hybrid system, Ferrari also redesigned the chassis so that it will only weigh 1,570 kg. Combined, this allows the SF90 Stradale to sprint from 0 - 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 340km/h.

As it is a plug-in hybrid, the SF90 Stradale is the first model to feature a pure electric driving mode. Ferrari claims that it has an all-electric range of 25km, an electric top speed of 135km/h, and plug-in charging capability.

Ferrari now has a plug-in hybrid, and it is their fastest supercar yet  image

If we’re to talk styling, the SF90 Stradale sure is a looker.  From a quick glance, it appears to combine elements of both current and past Ferrari models. The SF90’s overall shape and rear end quarters similar to the F8 Tributo, especially with the window-level intake. Meanwhile, the front end is reminiscent of the FXX-K with the slim, low-profile headlights and large intake. However, there are new styling cues as well, specifically found at the car’s rear end with the square-ish taillights and rear deck. All the styling changes are said to improve aerodynamics and downforce.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale image

While exterior styling may have undergone a huge makeover, the interior looks at home with the current line up of Ferrari models. The dashboard looks similar to that of the F8 Tributo albeit with reshaped air vents. In front of the driver is a wraparound 16.0-inch HD screen and a heads up display. The biggest change would have to be the re-designed passenger display which has been moved closer to the center of the dashboard.

All-in-all, the new SF90 Stradale is a technological marvel from Ferrari featuring a lot of firsts for the Italian supercar builder.