Ford PH to contact affected owners

UPDATE: Ford has released a new statement in which they stated that only a small number of Everest units are affected. The Ranger is not part of the E-Shifter recall. They have also provided a link for customers who can check if their Everest unit is affected by checking the VIN

Earlier today, we reported about Ford Australia issuing a safety recall for 2021 to 2023 year models of the Ranger and Everest. They are recalling units using the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder Bi-Turbo engine mated to Ford’s E-Shifter that under certain circumstances could malfunction and cause a sudden stop without the rear brake lamps illuminating as intended.

In the Land Down Under, there are 4,841 affected Ranger and Everest units. But the kicker is that Australia sources most of their Rangers and Everests in the same plant that Philippine units are coming from – and that is in the Rayong plant in Thailand.

With that said, there's a genuine concern if local units are indeed affected. We contacted our friends from Ford Philippines, and they promptly gave us this statement:

“We are confirming that the service action covers a small number of Ford Everest and Ranger vehicles in the Philippines. Affected owners will be notified so they can bring their vehicles to a Ford dealer for repair. Our dealers are aware and are prepared to complete the necessary repair action.

At Ford, safety and quality are our top priorities and we are committed to inform owners of the recall actions promptly”.