Are you an owner of a Ford Territory? You're going to want to read this, then.

Ford Philippines has just issued a recall for the Territory, and it's quite a big one. According to the automaker, the crossover's Electric Battery Sensor (EBS) bracket, together with the wiring harness attached to the bracket, have a tendency to break. A broken EBS bracket may lead to the engine not starting after being switched off.

The automaker has since reached out to affected customers regarding the recall. 

Still haven't received a call or mail from Ford? For peace of mind, you can always bring the vehicle to the Ford dealership nearest you, too. You may also call the dealership where your vehicle was purchased. There's no need to worry about paying for the replacement part. Replacement of the EBS bracket and harness will be free of charge for both parts and labor. According to Ford, the time needed for the repair will only take half a day as well.

Remember, you should take recalls seriously. Even if your Territory starts today, who knows if it is one of the units affected, it may not start tomorrow or in the near future.