Diesel price may increase by PHP 1 while gas prices could stay the same

Motorists were greeted earlier this week with some good news after oil players announced that fuel prices will go down. As a result, diesel rolled back PHP 1.30 per liter while gasoline went down by PHP 0.70 per liter.

As another week is about to close, motorists are once again curious if there will be another set of fuel price rollbacks next week. Sadly, it looks like both gasoline and diesel prices will be going up on March 7, 2023.

According to our friends at PH Fuel Watch, current estimates state that diesel prices could go up by PHP 1 per liter. On the other hand, gasoline might stay the course or may also increase by around PHP 0.10 per liter.

Gas & diesel prices could go up on March 7, 2023 image

Should these estimates become reality next week, gasoline motorists will not be greatly affected by the upcoming fuel price adjustment. However, diesel motorists will have to take into consideration the possible PHP 1 per liter increase.

With the price of fuel still relatively high, those who need to fuel up this weekend may want to visit their nearest filling stations before the oil players adjust their prices come Tuesday next week.