Price of diesel to go up PHP 2.25 per liter, gas PHP 2.80

Motorists will once again have to grin and bear it on January 24, 2023. Starting tomorrow, oil players will impose huge fuel price hikes. Compared to last week's price adjustments which saw gas and diesel increase by PHP 0.95 and PHP 0.50, respectively, tomorrow's price increase will be a lot higher.

Gas prices to soar nearly PHP 3 per liter on Jan 24 image

Beginning with the biggest increase, motorists will have to bear a PHP 2.80 per liter price hike on all gasoline products. Meanwhile, a PHP 2.25 increase will be slapped on diesel products tomorrow. Last but not least, kerosene prices will soar to PHP 2.40 per liter.

Companies such as Caltex will adjust their prices as early as 12:01 AM tomorrow. Meanwhile, other oil players like Shell and Seaoil will increase pump prices at 6:00 AM in the morning. Those that frequently fuel up at CleanFuel will be happy to know that they will only hike prices at 4:01 PM. Expect other companies to make similar announcements regarding the scheduled increase tomorrow.

Gas prices to soar nearly PHP 3 per liter on Jan 24 image

In case you're still on the fence about whether you have to fill up, consider the huge price hike set for tomorrow as a sign that it's time to visit your nearest or preferred filling station.