Upcoming electric vehicles from GM will not have CarPlay

When General Motors (GM) releases its next-generation electric vehicles, none of it will have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as the Detroit-based automaker transitions to a new navigation and infotainment system with the help of Google.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are in-car applications that mirror smartphone screens using USB or Bluetooth connection so motorists can access different apps without touching their mobile devices.

GM’s decision comes from its desire to collect and own the data gathered from consumers driving its electric vehicles, which will give the automaker more information about usage, charging times, driving distance, etc. Another likely reason is that GM no longer wants to pay for licenses to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on their vehicles.

GM future EVs will not use Apple CarPlay, Android Auto image

It is not the first time GM is working with Google. The two companies have been collaborating since 2019 on software for infotainment systems that will work with the Super Cruise driver assistant, which will be an integral autonomous-driving feature of its future EVs.

No specifications are available yet about the new infotainment system. But since it is powered by Google, it will have access to Google Maps, Google Assistant, and other popular apps like Spotify and Audible.

The new infotainment system without Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility will debut on the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV.

If you are a fan of Apple devices, do not lose it just yet. Apple CarPlay (and even Android Auto) will still be available on all GM models that use an internal combustion engine.