The next generation of Gran Turismo is here

Gamers, man your battle stations: the seventh full installment of the iconic Gran Turismo game is finally here. This is the first changeover of Gran Turismo in over 8 years, and the latest one since the game first debuted in 1997. Make no mistake about it: there are a lot of new elements, changes and comebacks for GT7.

Polyphony Digital and Sony celebrated the arrival of Gran Turismo 7 by making an opening movie that starts off by paying tribute to the evolution of cars, showing the first patented automobile made by Karl Benz in 1886, up to the latest Porsche Taycan EV.

The movie shifts into official game footage midway and delivers a nostalgic feel with “Moon Over the Castle”, a song Gran Turismo fans are truly familiar with, playing in the background.

Some of the classic features such as the GT Mode (now called Campaign Mode) and license tests have returned. A brand-new GT Cafe game mode not only makes the player collect cars to earn rewards but will also learn a thing or two about automotive history.

Finally, Gran Turismo 7 has arrived image

Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi says the new game “packs all the elements expected by long-time fans of the series”, and also introduces the fascinating world of car culture for people who don't drive, or with zero knowledge about cars.

Gran Turismo 7 launched with campaign mode and 4K image

To drum up the Southeast Asian launch, Sony Interactive collaborated with ABM (AutoBahn Motors) to light up and livery the Car Vending Machine at Ten Square Building in Singapore.

To say we're excited to play Gran Turismo 7 is such an understatement. Soon, we'll come up with a full review of the game to tell you our thoughts about this new GT game we're sure to enjoy in the years to come.

Or better yet, go get a copy of your own and come race with us. This is going to be fun.