GWM Haval Veyron PHEV SUV patent images leak in China

When you come across or hear the name Veyron, you'd easily think it's the 400 km/h hypercar from Bugatti. But pretty soon, the Veyron name could return in a different brand, and in a very different body style.

GWM is developing a Veyron... but it's a PHEV SUV image

It turns out, GWM or Great Wall Motor is coming up with the Haval Veyron. And yes, judging by the Haval subbrand, the Veyron is going to be a crossover SUV. Leaked patent images have surfaced in China, revealing much of the design cues for the upcoming model.

The Haval Veyron looks completely different from the Jolion and H6 that are currently being offered in the Philippine market. It features more aggressive styling with sharp, angular lines and a sloping roofline that sort of makes it look like a shooting brake. From the leaked patent images, the Haval Veyron could be bigger than the H6, and may even sit 6 or 7 passengers inside.

GWM is developing a Veyron... but it's a PHEV SUV image

According to reports, the Haval Veyron one-ups the Jolion and H6 in terms of electrification as it could have GWM's Hi-4 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) system being used by the recently revealed Tank 700. The ICE unit meanwhile could be offered in either 1.5-liter non-turbo and a 1.5-liter turbo paired to the GWM DHT transmission.

As for its expected launch, the GWM Haval Veyron PHEV could arrive as early as 2024 in China. Other markets such as Philippines, could get the crossover SUV at a much later date.

Source: CarNewsChina