Hennessey Performance reveals the 416 PS VelociRaptor 400 Bronco

Earlier today Ford unleashed the fastest Bronco to date, the Bronco Raptor. Thanks to a highly-tuned 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6, and a tricked-out chassis and suspension system, this particular Bronco is not only quick but is also built to take on uneven terrain at significant speeds.

With 400 PS on tap, this makes the Bronco Raptor have 90 PS more than your regular Bronco that “only” makes 310 PS from a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6. But what if you preferred your Bronco to have more power but are not a fan of the Raptor upgrade? Hennessey may have just what you’re looking for. Actually, they didn't even give Ford a chance to enjoy their new Raptor for a day.

This is the Hennessey 2022 VelociRaptor 400 Bronco, and it’s basically a standard Bronco on ‘dino’ steroids. While it may not have the bigger 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 from the Raptor, Hennessey worked its magic on the 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6. It now gets an all-new intake and exhaust system, a recalibrated engine and a larger front-mounted intercooler system.

Hennessey’s VelociRaptor 400 is more powerful than Bronco Raptor image

The result is an impressive 416 PS at 4400 rpm and a whopping 817 Nm of torque at 3200 rpm. Meanwhile, it can go from 0 - 97 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. Compared to the Bronco’s stock figures, the VelociRaptor produces an extra 106 PS plus a staggering 254 Nm of pull. More importantly, the VelociRaptor 400 puts out 16 more PS over the Bronco Raptor.

Besides packing a more powerful twin-turbo V6, Hennessey will also offer special liveries, badges, and double hood stripes that extend onto the Bronco’s roof. In addition, each side also sees a distinctive D-shaped line graphic and a number 1 livery on the driver and passenger-side door. If that’s not enough, customers can even inquire to put 35-inch off-road tires on 18-inch Hennessey wheels, front and rear VelociRaptor bumpers, retractable side steps, and VelociRaptor branding.

“Since we announced our plans for the Bronco mid-last year, we’ve been inundated with customer requests to take our upgraded version. For so many of our customers, the Bronco is a special car they’ve always loved – now we can give them a VelociRaptor 400 Bronco with the power and style to make it a truly special vehicle,” said John Hennessey, founder and CEO of Hennessey Performance.

Thinking of getting one for yourself? Hennessey is only making 200 examples of this model.