Aside from the 41 fatalities in the devastating earthquake that struck the island of Kyushu in Japan last Thursday and Kumamoto Prefecture on Saturday, production from the assembly lines of several automakers have been affected in varying degrees.

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced the suspension of production on numerous vehicle assembly lines and manufacturing plants, including one in Kyushu, starting today until April 23. The recommencement date has not been determined and will be contingent on the availability of parts from Aisin Seiki whose plant in Kumamoto was damaged by the quake.

Honda Motor Company, on the other hand, has suspended work in its motorcycle plant 25 kilometers away from Kumamoto until April 22 to allow engineers and technicians to check for any damage to the equipment and the production facility’s integrity that may have been caused by the earthquake.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was forced to idle in plant in Mizushima due to their major supplier, Renesas Electronics Corporation, halting production in light of the recent earthquake. In the meantime, the plant is currently operating on half output today and will stop production tomorrow. 

Nissan Motor Company, whose plant is located north of the quake’s epicenter, suspended work over the weekend but has announced that it will resume production starting today.