Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. promotes comfortable ride and safe driving as it offers special package on underchassis parts and services. Dubbed as the Suspension Makeover Treats of Honda, this special deal presents big savings to all Honda models (year model 2005 and older) that are already out of warranty.

Suspension Makeover Treats extend as much as 60% savings shock absorber assembly, coil springs, brake parts, damper mounting, steering and frame parts, to name a few. For an over-all rewarding experience, Honda offers 10% savings on labor charges for underchassis-related general repair services. Free car wash also awaits customers availing Honda's special deals.

Aside from these discounts, customers are entitled for free 18-point check-up to assess the condition of your vehicle. Inspection includes examination of powersteering belt, alternator belt, fluid levels, batter, tire wear and lights. It will take 10 minutes to finish the whole inspection.

Your vehicle's suspension system is not only designed to absorb bumps but also to ensure proper tire-to-road contact. Worn out suspension system parts affect steering control that may lead to premature tire wear.
The key to owning a reliable and safe operating vehicle is regular maintenance. Small problems caught in time, eliminates major and expensive repairs. To avoid serious problems and to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones, here are a few routine inspection tips:

1. Check shocks regularly and look out for possible leaks, cracks and other damages.
2. Check for uneven tire wear. This may indicate worn shocks and struts.
3. When cornering or during hard braking that causes nose dives, watch out for vehicle bounce.

Improve the ride comfort of your vehicle with proper maintenance of the suspension system. Suspension Makeover Treats of Honda is available until June 17, 2008. For details, visit any Honda dealership nationwide and enjoy competent services of its highly trained technicians. You may also contact Honda's hotline number 1-800-1000-HONDA (46632) from 8AM to 5PM, Mondays thru Fridays.