First images of prototype Honda CR-V e:FCEV revealed

Honda is set to offer more electrified vehicles in the coming years in a bid to achieve carbon neutrality and reduce carbon emissions in the long run. Take the all-new CR-V for example; not only is the popular crossover SUV available with an e:HEV (hybrid) powertrain, but it can also come as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) which puts out more power while producing fewer emissions.

In the future, however, the CR-V will be offered as a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). Recently, Honda released the first images of a prototype CR-V e:Fuel Cell during the 2023 ENEOS Super Taikyu Series at Fuji Speedway. It is set to go on sale in 2024 and will serve as the latest electrified offering in the CR-V lineup.

Hydrogen-powered Honda CR-V e:Fuel Cell coming in 2024 image

While its exact specifications remain a mystery at this time, Honda did say that the CRV e:Fuel Cell (AKA e:FCEV) will have a fuel cell stack that will convert hydrogen fuel into electric power. No exact output ratings have been revealed although we won’t be surprised if it will have single or dual electric motors providing the necessary propulsion.

It’s also interesting to note that the e:FCEV will have a 2.0-liter engine that is connected to the vehicle’s plug-in hybrid system. This will allow drivers to use the vehicle should there be no hydrogen fuel filling stations in the areas that they will visit.

Hydrogen-powered Honda CR-V e:Fuel Cell coming in 2024 image

Once prototype testing is finished, Honda plans to have it on sale in 2024 in markets like the US and Japan. Does this mean the e:FCEV will not be offered in other regions like ASEAN?

Well, based on our recent trip to Japan, the CR-V e:FCEV could be an important model in Southeast Asia as it’s likely to be part of Phase 1 in Honda’s electrification plans (e:HEV and e:FCEV). In addition, Phase 2 will see fully-electric models offered in ASEAN although there was no mention yet of the CR-V having an EV version in the future.

Hydrogen-powered Honda CR-V e:Fuel Cell coming in 2024 image

Do you think the CR-V e:FCEV will make sense here in PH? Let us know in the comments.