Hyundai Rotem unveils futuristic tank with stealth technology

Let's get one thing out of the way – this is not from Battlefield or Call of Duty.

What you're looking at is an unmanned stealth tank concept that was showcased at the Seoul International Aerospace and Design Exhibition. The concept came from one of Hyundai's group of companies called Hyundai Rotem.

If the Hyundai Rotem name rings any bells, that's because it's the same heavy industry company that will supply the trains of the MRT-7, as well as the auxiliary equipment needed to run the Metro line.

Hyundai wants to make an unmanned tank with stealth capabilities image

Hyundai Motor assisted in the design of the next-generation Main Battle Tank (MBT), which was showcased in a gray shade that looks similar to Hyundai Motor's IONIQ EV models. The MBT's main exterior feature is the presence of honeycomb patterns to both the body and the turret which Hyundai claims will help avoid radar detection.

Along with other defense firms, Hyundai Rotem has been busy developing ground vehicles with stealth technology, and it shows particularly in the way they designed the MBT. If anything, the clever use of shapes and angles reminds us of the execution done to the F-117 Nighthawk to achieve a low radar cross-section.

But as for the tank itself, human casualty won't be something to account for as it is totally unmanned. A drone assists in controlling the turret, and the tank is equipped with an active protection system that guards against anti-tank weapons.

For now, the Hyundai Rotem Main Battle Tank is still under concept stage and no specific timeline has been set for full production.