MMDA suspends excavation activities in Metro Manila in anticipation of Christmas rush

With the Christmas rush expected to cause heavy traffic once more in Metro Manila, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority has ordered a suspension of any excavation activities in Metro Manila.

Under the MMDA’s Memorandum Circular No. 15 series of 2023, effective today November 13 until January 8, 2024, excavation works for road reblocking, pipe-laying, and road upgrading are hereby suspended. This is being done in order to avoid causing more traffic amid the Christmas rush and increased volume of vehicular traffic.

ICYMI: Road works in Metro Manila suspended until next year image

The MMDA wishes to remind, however, that there are exemptions to the MC No. 15 series of 2023. Activities that can continue without disruption include;

-Flagship government projects

-DPWH bridge repair/construction

-Box culvert construction

-Asphalt overlay projects without reblocking works

-Sidewalk improvement

-Drainage improvement along the sidewalks

-Footbridge projects

-Emergency leak repair or breakage of water lines by Manila Water or Maynilad

-New water service connection or electric service connection

-Road activities without excavation

-Meralco relocation project/emergency works affecting major gov’t projects

-Other projects allowed by the MMDA upon due application

With roadworks in Metro Manila temporarily suspended until January 8, 2024, motorists will have fewer things to worry about. However, motorists should also expect heavier than usual traffic as the holidays draw closer.