IRRs of RA11698 taking effect on April 17, 2023

The Republic Act No. 11698 is more commonly known as the Vintage Vehicle Law (VVL). Under this R.A., it regulates the importation, exportation, and registration of vintage vehicles, as well as other activities related to vintage automobiles and other historical, classical, or collector vehicles.

After lapsing into law in April last year, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has officially signed the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Vintage Vehicle Law which will be fully effective starting April 17, 2023. A ceremonial signing was held at the historic Presidential Car Museum at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, where authors and co-authors of the VVL were present, along with members of the media.

Implementing rules on vintage cars signed by LTO image

As we've reported last month, cars 40 years and older (based on their manufacturing date) are now recognized as Vintage Vehicles. With the amended age limit, the new subclassification is entitled to certain exemptions in LTO registration requirements such as emissions tests and seatbelt requirements, among others.

Apart from allowing vintage car owners and collectors to register their vehicles which proved to be difficult in the past, the law also seeks to preserve the cultural heritage of the country by listing historically valuable cars in the VVL like the Presidential cars of our previous commanders-in-chief.

Implementing rules on vintage cars signed by LTO image

However, vintage vehicles are also subject to strict use conditions. Some stipulations under the VVL include limited driving hours (only during daytime), prohibition to use them as utility vehicles, and commercial use strictly confined to motion pictures or events.

Meanwhile, the VVL is also aimed to develop the local car restoration industry, as the law allows for certain fiscal and tax incentives in the importation of vintage parts, and the export of finished restored vehicles. Northern Samar First District Rep. Paul Ruiz Daza, the principal author and sponsor of the law, has said that the VVL can give good economic opportunities to local mechanics, metal workers, craftsmen, upholsterers, painters, laborers, and shop owners while encouraging more investors to become players in the car restoration industry.

With this, we hope to see more classics ply the roads or appear at major car events in the country.