Infiniti is looking to bring the fight to Tesla even closer as the company recently announced that it will be revealing an electric sports sedan at Auto Shanghai 2019.

Called the Qs Inspiration concept, it will preview an upcoming model from Infiniti as well as show the future of electrification for the luxury marque. Drawing inspiration from modern art and architecture, the electric sports sedan embodies Infiniti's new design language first seen on the QX and Q Inspiration concepts.

Based on the lone teaser photo provided, the concept will have a similar looking rear with its coupe-like design, thin taillights, and muscular wheel arches. We have yet to see images of the concept's interior, but Infiniti did say that it will have a minimalist and clutter-free cockpit designed to engage the driver. It will also have generous interior space for the passengers.

“Electrification creates a range of new possibilities for sedans – with new powertrains and vehicle architectures letting us imagine how this type of car could be reinvigorated and adapted to fit the changing needs and tastes of drivers,” said Christian Meunier, chairman of Infiniti.

As mentioned earlier, the Qs Inspiration will be powered by an electric powertrain although Infiniti has yet to state what exactly drives the concept. More than likely, the Qs Inspiration is powered by electric motors that drive the front and rear axles individually. It could also come with a floor-mounted battery pack which not only saves on space but also serves to keep the EV planted on the pavement during cornering.

The 2019 Auto Shanghai will take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Centere in Shanghai from April 16 – April 25.