Peak-a-boo Honda… I see you what you did to the Accord

With the official launch of the all-new CR-V and the upcoming debut of the next-generation Civic Type R, Honda is rolling out models left and right. And apparently, they're not yet done introducing all-new vehicles to their lineup.

Recently, a leaked image showed the Japanese automaker filing several patents in Brazil showing a midsize four-door sedan. For all intents and purposes, we may be looking at the next-generation Honda Accord. 

Could this be the new Honda Accord? image

The patents have only revealed exterior updates. And currently, the midsize sedan is either using a 1.5-liter four-cylinder VTEC Turbo that makes 192 HP or a turbocharged 2.0-liter pumping out 252 HP.

As of now, Honda is yet to announce any new upgrades or a new powertrain for the new model. In addition, there is also an Accord Hybrid which pairs a non-turbo 2.0-liter to an electric motor that makes 212 HP. 

Could this be the new Honda Accord? image

Based on the leaked patent images, the new face comes with a reshaped grille, new LED headlights and a redesigned front bumper. There also appears to be a narrow lower grille opening. If anything, the front fascia looks closer to the likes of the CR-V and the HR-V than the Civic.

The sedan has retained the swooping roofline to the rear, and the redesigned rearend shows new taillights that stretch across the upper part of the rear compared to the C-shaped taillights from the previous model. 

Could this be the new Honda Accord? image

With the CR-V out for the North American market and the Civic Type R on the way, the next-generation Accord may be next, perhaps in a few months or by 2023. We won't be surprised if the all-new Accord would have the same gadgets found in the all-new CRV and the upcoming Civic Type-R, such as the Honda Sensing safety suite.

As of now, Honda remains mum on an official release, but expect them to roll out teaser images of the all-new Accord like what they did with the CR-V soon.