Will Jaguar give the F-Pace electric siblings soon?

With the car industry slowly turning to electrification and a mandate of going full-electric by 2040, Jaguar will be releasing three new electric SUVs by 2025, according to a report by AutoCar UK.

Using their new aluminum Panthera platform, Jaguar is preparing three new E-SUVs. The platform will utilize single or dual electric motor configurations, 800v technology, and batteries sourced from China’s Envision AESC. The vehicle's exterior is also being developed in collaboration with Magna which specializes in Breakthrough Lightning technology. This technology allows the manufacturer to transform body panels into lighting. They will also partner with GPU makers Nvidia to develop software that will help with high levels of autonomous driving and cloud connectivity. 

Jaguar eyeing three new electric SUVs by 2025 image

The report further states that the Jaguar design team will be led by Gerry McGovern. He is also in charge of Land Rover’s style section. The smaller of the three models will have similar stylings as the Range Rover Sport but may come in 3-door or 5-door models. The new flagship models are being designed with the satisfaction of the US and China markets in mind. Sustainable materials like recycled fabrics will be found inside the luxurious cabin with accents made from ceramics, glass, and stone. 

The English carmaker plans to achieve sales of 50,000 to 60,000 units per year. They patterned it after the pre-pandemic sales of the Range Rover. With the rumored cost ranging from GBP 80,000 (or PHP 5.330 million) for the smallest to GBP 200,000 (or PHP 13.327 million) for the fully-loaded flagship SVR spec, Jaguar is looking to attract the electrified high-end luxury SUV market. 

The E-SUV design is set to be revealed in late 2024 and will be produced in an extension of the Solihull factory in the UK. Jaguar is eyeing a possible reveal by 2025, so camouflaged prototypes of the E-SUVs may surface as early as 2023.