Jetour Auto PH says they have the longest warranty coverage in any brand

If there is one thing that car customers want when they buy a brand-new vehicle, it's peace of mind. With bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage ranging from 3-year/100,000 km up to 5-year/150,000 km (or 200,000 km) from most brands, customers nowadays will be glad to know their newly-purchased are protected.

Jetour Auto Philippines, which officially made its presence felt yesterday by launching a wide range of vehicles, wants to give interested customers a worry-free experience when buying their vehicles like the Dashing, X70, X70 Plus, and Ice Cream EV.

Jetour PH reveals 6-year unlimited warranty, 10-year engine warranty image

But instead of just giving buyers 5 years of peace of mind should something happen to their vehicle, Jetour will provide customers a 6-year/unlimited mileage warranty. This was officially confirmed by Jetour Auto Philippines Managing Director Miguelito “Lito” Jose. For the executive, their warranty program now serves as the longest warranty coverage for any brand.

Not only that, but Jose also revealed that Jetour's vehicles come with a 10-year engine warranty for extra peace of mind while on the road for customers that buy the Dashing, X70 Plus and X70. As for the Ice Cream EV, it's covered by the aforementioned 6-year/unlimited mileage warranty but we'll double-check if it also comes with the 10-year engine coverage.

Jetour PH reveals 6-year unlimited warranty, 10-year engine warranty image

With Jetour Auto Philippines providing customers with vast warranty coverages, this is certainly one way to attract interested customers besides offering value-packed vehicles. Perhaps the only thing that the automaker needs to offer is free PMS.