All-terrain Huracan could be called the Sterrato

The Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan are set to be replaced with new supercars with electrified powertrains by next year, signaling the end of pure, unassisted, and perhaps, even naturally-aspirated V10s and V12s from Bologna.

But of course, in typical Lamborghini fashion, they won't simply say ciao to two of their most popular supercars without a proper send-off. The Aventador had the Ultimae, and now, well, the Huracan will have a radical all-terrain version based on the Sterrato concept.

Lamborghini to say ciao to pure ICE supercars with all-terrain Huracan image

Yes, Lamborghini's idea of their last pure ICE supercar is a Huracan on stilts. The Italian manufacturer has yet to confirm if the high-riding Huracan will indeed go by the “Sterrato” moniker. But from a naming standpoint, the name does make sense since it translates in Italian for dirt or unpaved roads.

The Sterrato concept was more than just a Huracan with a lift kit, as it was fitted with wider fenders and engineered to have rear-wheel steering. The underbody has been reinforced with skid plates which also act as a flat floor to feed air to the diffuser.

Lamborghini to say ciao to pure ICE supercars with all-terrain Huracan image

The announcement of the all-terrain Huracan came in a press release about Lamborghini's best performance yet when it comes to sales, as the company posted record figures in the first three quarters of 2022. Lamborghini said the premiere of the all-terrain Huracan is scheduled to take place at the Art Basel international fair in Miami on December 1 to 3, 2022.

When the all-terrain Lamborghini Huracan arrives, it could start a trend of high-riding supercars going mainstream as sister brand Porsche is also working on a production version of the 911 Vision Safari.