Did Lamborghini just tease the upcoming Huracan Sterrato?

Remember when Lamborghini revealed a high-riding version of the Huracan called the Sterrato back in 2019? At the time, it was only a concept car meant to generate buzz and interest from customers as well as enthusiasts.

Combining the very best qualities of a supercar and an off-road vehicle, the Sterrato is basically a modified Huracan built for the road less traveled. It has a taller ride height for improved ground clearance, specially-modified 20-inch alloy wheels, integrated air intakes, and a reinforced underbody.

Lambo Sterrato image

Fast forward to 2022, and it looks like Lamborghini will actually turn it into a production vehicle. This comes after the House of The Raging Bull released new images of the Huracan Sterrato. Unlike the concept first revealed in 2019, the new one shown here gets a unique livery complete with texts like “Brave”, “Authentic”, and “Unexpected”.

Despite the livery still hiding most of the exterior modifications, it's clear that this is no ordinary Lamborghini. It gets matte black wheel arches that house large alloy wheels, a beefed-up suspension that increases the Huracan's ground clearance, rack extensions on the roof rails, and a large scoop on the rear engine cover to gather air. It also gets additional LEDs on the front bumper, restyled side air intakes, as well as what appears to be a diffuser in the back.

Lambo Sterrato image

As far as the powertrain is concerned, we won't be surprised if it will still come with the familiar 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10. Output figures are not yet available for this bull, but it could be based on the Huracan EVO AWD that makes 640 PS and 600 Nm of torque.

Lambo Sterrato image

Lamborghini has not yet announced any launch dates regarding their latest Huracan. However, a reveal before 2022 ends will most likely happen as the automaker is set to replace the aging supercar with an electrified successor soon.