Certain Lexus NX 350 models in PH affected by LTA and Skid Control ECU issues

Heads up Lexus owners, the luxury automaker has just issued two separate safety campaigns for a few of their NX crossovers in the country.

Starting with the first recall notice, Lexus parent company Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) shared that Lexus NX 350 models built from Nov 15, 2021, to June 27, 2022, need to have their skid control ECU reprogrammed. A total of 17 models in the country are part of the recall.

Lexus PH issues two separate recalls for NX 350 image

According to the automaker, there is a possibility that the Skid Control ECU within the brake actuator assembly may falsely detect an overcurrent of the electronic parking brake (EPB). This could trigger a fail-safe mode which, in turn, illuminates a malfunctioning indicator lamp on the dashboard. This will prevent the driver from engaging or disengaging the EPB.

The second notice, on the other hand, is not exactly a recall per se. Instead, it's a customer satisfaction campaign where Lexus will need to reprogram the vehicle's lane-tracing assist (LTA) feature. The automaker says that under the current settings, the upper limit of the LTA steering angle may be reached earlier than expected.

Lexus PH issues two separate recalls for NX 350 image

When this occurs, the system may deliver reduced lane centering assist than originally designed under certain road and vehicle conditions. Should the condition occur, the driver remains in full control of all steering maneuvers, in addition, all lane departure warnings (visual and audible) and driver monitoring functions will continue to operate normally.

A total of 62 examples of the Lexus NX 350 are part of the campaign in the Philippines which were built between Nov 15, 2021, to June 6, 2022.

Lexus PH issues two separate recalls for NX 350 image

Both the LTA software and Skid Control ECU reprogram will be remedied at no cost to its customers. All affected customers have to do is bring their vehicles to Lexus Manila at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig in order to get them checked and/or fixed.

If you're one of the customers who bought a brand new Lexus NX 350 and want to make sure your vehicle is not part of the special service/safety campaign, better contact Lexus to schedule an appointment.