Lexus issues Special Service Campaign due to fuel tank vent tube assembly issue

Heads up Lexus owners. The luxury automaker recently issued a Special Service Campaign (i.e. recall) on several vehicles due to a fuel tank issue.

According to an advisory posted by the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), Lexus, through parent company Toyota Motor Philippines, shared that the special service campaign covers multiple models and will involve the replacement of a faulty fuel vent tube assembly.

Lexus recall image

The subject vehicles are all fitted with a fuel evaporative emission control unit (AKA fuel tank vent tube assembly) that is attached to the fuel tank by a flange. The vent tube assembly prevents the fuel vapor that is created in the fuel tank from being released directly into the atmosphere.

But due to the design of the flange, there is a possibility that a stress-related crack could develop on the exterior surface of the flange. Over time, the crack could expand and could eventually allow fuel to leak from the tank. This increases the risk of a vehicle fire in the presence of an ignition source. With this, Lexus will replace the fuel vent tube assembly free of charge to affected vehicle owners.

Lexus PH recalls over 800 vehicles due to fuel leak image

In the global market, the production period of affected vehicles spans from July 12, 2011, to August 31, 2018. In the Philippines, however, most of the models that are part of the recall were built as early as January 24, 2012, and as late as August 1, 2018. The vehicles affected in the recall include the IS 350, GS F, GS 350, GS 450h, RC F, and the RC 350.

Lexus recall image

If you’re an owner of any of these vehicles, better call Lexus Philippines and ask whether your vehicle is part of the recall in order for the company to rectify it immediately.