Someone accidentally posted pictures of the all-new Jeep Wagoneer S

It looks like someone from Stellantis (or Jeep) was too excited about sharing the brand’s latest all-electric vehicle. Just last week, Jeep teased its upcoming EV called the Wagoneer S which will serve as their luxury electric SUV. We actually already got to see some parts of it last year after a North American dealer posted some pictures online.

Based on what we saw, the Wagoneer S looks promising and is set to change how Jeep is perceived in the age of electrification, as well as in luxury. It’s set to go on sale later this year and is set to be fully revealed soon. Unfortunately for Jeep, someone accidentally posted a couple of the official pictures too early, giving us a better look at the Wagoneer S in all its glory.

Despite being an all-electric model, the Wagoneer S comes with the familiar look the Jeep has become known for. However, they also decided to bring its design to the 21st century by giving the all-electric Wagoneer S a sleeker and more dynamic look. The front fascia is a signature Jeep with the distinct grille but the aggressive headlights give the electric luxury SUV a more assertive look.

LOOK: All-electric Jeep Wagoneer S leaked ahead of debut image

The Wagoneer S still has hints of boxiness, particularly with the squared wheel arches, but it’s quite apparent that Jeep looked towards other brands to make it stand out. Borrowing some styling cues from what looks to be the Range Rover Velar, the rear window of the Wagoneer S slopes towards the D-pillar which gives the electric Jeep a more aerodynamic exterior. It is then complemented by a full-width LED light bar that runs the entire width of the tailgate.

We have yet to see the interior of the Wagoneer S. But given that the exterior already looks good as it is, we can expect the cabin to be equally impressive. Heck, we won’t be surprised if it will have a fully digital cockpit to go along with the vehicle’s all-electric powertrain.

Speaking of powertrain, Jeep says the Wagoneer S is capable of cranking out over 600 PS and can catapult itself from 0 - 97 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. It is also expected that the Wagoneer S will be able to accommodate 100 kWh battery packs - essentially giving the electric Jeep the ability to cruise up to 644 km.

With the cat (accidentally) out of the bag for the Wagoneer S, we won’t be surprised if Jeep decides to reveal it early after its official photos were posted too early.

Source: MoparInsiders via Carscoops