2023 Honda Pilot's rear end looks very familiar

The all-new Honda Pilot has just been revealed across the Pacific and boy are we green with envy. Not only does the fourth-generation SUV look meaner and more muscular, but the 8-seater is now more capable off-road thanks to a new Trailsport variant that comes with plenty of off-road extras.

While all seems well and good, we did notice that the all-new Pilot appears to resemble a certain Blue Oval. In case you haven’t noticed it yet, the 2023 Honda Pilot’s rear end looks like a copy of the previous generation Ford Everest.

2023 Honda Pilot’s rear end looks oddly familiar to Ford Everest image

It may not be a direct duplicate, but we can’t help but see the similarities between the Pilot and the Everest. From the LED taillights to the tailgate garnish and even the placement of the badges on the lower section of the tailgate, it appears one of the designers drew inspiration from the Ford Everest. Even the cut of the third-row window of the 2023 Pilot appears to be very similar to the Ford Everest.

The similarities between the two ends, however, when we take a look at the tailgate spoiler and rear bumper. Each vehicle comes with its own spoiler and bumper design which helps make the distinction between the Ford Everest and the Honda Pilot.

2023 Honda Pilot’s rear end looks oddly familiar to Ford Everest image

But this still begs the question: Did Honda somehow copy Ford’s design in making the 2023 Pilot?

We’ll go out on a limb and say that this was all just a complete coincidence. Back in 2020, we also noticed the similarities between the Toyota Fortuner Legender (called LTD in the PH market) and the Geely Coolray. As much as automakers each have their own design languages, there are those instances where two vehicles somehow look like each other, albeit coincidentally.

Which of the two vehicles has the better rear end? The all-new Honda Pilot or the previous generation Ford Everest? Chime in your comments below.