Oil price hike imposed today, April 26

As much as we'd like to look away, there's no denying the fact that diesel has now become more expensive than gasoline.

The latest fuel price hike saw diesel go up by PHP 4.10 per liter, and gasoline by PHP 3.00 per liter. Oil players in the country have implemented the adjustments this morning, and boy we're seeing flashbacks of our high school report cards with the prices of fuel products today.

While on our way to the AutoIndustriya.com office, we snapped up a few gasoline stations along the way to see how much prices of fuel have gone up. Diesel is now hovering around PHP 76 to 77 per liter, while 91 octane gasoline is priced at around PHP 72 to 73 per liter. These stations were located in the Quezon City area, so prices in other areas could reflect different fuel prices.

Look: Diesel now more expensive than gas after price hike image

First is the Seaoil EDSA gas station near Mo. Ignacia Avenue. Their Exceed Diesel is priced at PHP 77 per liter, and their Extreme 97 octane gasoline fuel is priced at PHP 74.05 per liter. We're hoping Seaoil PriceLOCQ app users have bought fuel in advance before these prices were implemented.

Look: Diesel now more expensive than gas after price hike image

Next is the Shell filling station along Timog Avenue. Their V-Power Diesel is the most expensive fuel we've seen today, and they're offering the fuel product at PHP 82.51 per liter. Even their 98 octane V-Power Racing fuel is cheaper at PHP 80.10 per liter.

Look: Diesel now more expensive than gas after price hike image

Last is the Phoenix gasoline station, also along Timog Avenue. So far, this is the station we've seen that offers the cheapest Diesel and Gasoline fuel at PHP 76.50 and PHP 72.60 per liter, respectively. Their Limitless app might be worth trying on your mobile phones, as they do offer fuel discount vouchers there from time to time.

There are some signs of a rollback for next week, though we have to wait if the oil price trend continues to drop come Friday. But until then, our right foot should remain on ECO mode.