Toyota EPU Concept combines pickup truck capability with sustainable EV mobility

Toyota is making strides to make EVs available for every segment and discerning buyer. Aside from the Land Cruiser Se which is Toyota’s idea for an all-electric luxury 4x4, the automaker has also released another electric concept.

It’s called the EPU which could essentially be an abbreviation for “Electric Pickup”. And before you ask, no it’s not related to the fuel cell-powered Toyota Hilux being developed by Toyota UK. Aside from the fact that the EPU has its own look & design, the new pickup concept benefits from a unibody construction instead of a body-on-frame.

Look out Ford Maverick: Toyota EPU concept is a stylish EV pickup image

According to Toyota, the EPU’s monocoque body construction will deliver high durability that creates a practical yet stylish BEV. Since it doesn’t have a traditional engine and running gear, Toyota was able to place the wheels on the far corners of the vehicle. The result is a generous 3350mm wheelbase which beats traditional ICE-powered pickup trucks.

Speaking of its size, the EPU concept measures 5070mm long, 1910mm wide, and 1710mm tall. This makes it smaller than your typical midsize pickup truck but is almost the same size as the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Look out Ford Maverick: Toyota EPU concept is a stylish EV pickup image

Design-wise, the EPU features a cab-forward design which maximizes cabin space and is accompanied by a relatively long bed. The front fascia features a distinct set of LED headlights while the rear gets full-width LED taillights.

Moving to the interior, the EPU comes with a steering yoke instead of a steering wheel and has a free-standing touchscreen infotainment system. There’s also a center console that can hold multiple items along with a central opening on the dashboard that serves as a makeshift cupboard that can also hold several items.

Look out Ford Maverick: Toyota EPU concept is a stylish EV pickup image

Other details regarding the EPU concept are not yet available. But given that Toyota expressed interest in making a pickup based on the Corolla to compete against the Ford Maverick, perhaps this is a prelude to a future production model. We’ll find out more once it’s revealed in the metal at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show alongside the Land Cruiser Se.