LTO begins operation of second automated plate-making machine

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) continues its commitment to quickly and easily provide motorists with license plates.

Just recently, the agency commenced the operation of its second automated plate-making machine. It joins the LTO's first plate-making robot which can produce 700 plates an hour or 5,600 plates in an 8-hour shift. But instead of making vehicle license plates, the LTO said the second plate-making machine is specifically for the production of motorcycle license plates.


The new machine, which is operated by two LTO personnel, is capable of producing 450 plates an hour. This means it can manufacture 3,600 motorcycle plates in an 8-hour shift or 7,200 motorcycle plates a day on a two-shift basis. When left operating for an entire month on a two-day shift basis, this machine can crank out 158,400 motorcycle plates.

The new motorcycle plate-making machine is the latest modernization initiative by the LTO. It's currently being used at the LTO's Quezon City office which was first inaugurated in April 2018. The facility is equipped with manufacturing equipment from Germany and plate materials that meet international standards. It also has five manual plate-making machines and seven units of manual embossing machines that are capable of producing 22,000 plates per day.


With the LTO now having a dedicated machine for motorcycle license plates, perhaps they can now work on the backlog that has been plaguing motorcycle riders.